4H National Council

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4H National Council


Despite being the single largest youth advocacy organization in the United States, 4H was struggling to expand membership beyond its traditional rural core. Worse, fundraising and corporate donations were stagnant and paled in comparison to similar organizations like the Boy Scouts.

The problem was one of perception; when people bothered to think of 4H at all, it was of an image rooted in the past: Cows and plows and County Fairs. Not particularly relevant to parents in 2015.

To shift that perception and make 4H relevant again we created the " 4H Grows Here" campaign. This entailed months of photoshoots, video production, designing, writing and editing to bring it all together. And on a non-profit's budget.

What we delivered was an amazingly visual, high impact, thoroughly comprehensive campaign that reached its audience through, well damn near every piece of media we could think of.

Copywriter: Mitch Obatake

Copywriter: Lori Jones

Photographer: Sean Daily

Video Director: Reed Harkness