Intuit QuickBooks

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Photographer: Hunter Freeman

Photographer: Hunter Freeman

Art Director: Daniel Grey   Photographer: Hunter Freeman


Intuit quickbooks


For years QuickBooks marketed their software as a dollars and cents proposition to small business owners. For the most part it worked. But when the economy goes sour, those owners need a more emotionally compelling message to motivate purchase. 

I came up with a simple, visually telegraphic way to convey  that we truly understood what they really wanted - a chance to simply concentrate on what they loved to do.

Not long after we'd produced the first round of work we shared it with a group of small business owners to gauge reaction. At one point a transgender, Brazilian floral shop owner took one look at these ads and burst into tears. If that's not a win, I don't know what is. 


Photographer: Hunter Freeman

Director: Sean Ehringer

Copywriter: Mitch Obatake